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4 Ways To The Top

To Sydneysiders, the Bridge is more than a photogenic landmark. It's much bigger, much more important than that. We've driven it, walked it, drifted under it and felt that feeling when you glimpse it through the window of a homeward-bound Boeing. The Sydney Harbour Bridge belongs to us. And we want to share it with the world.

Scaling one of Australia’s best-loved icons is an unforgettable journey of sight and sound. From its fascinating underbelly, along its majestic arch, and peaking at its 134m high summit – BridgeClimb offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the spirit of Sydney.

Over 3 million local and international people, from as young as ten to the wise old age of 100, have ascended the great arches to stand at the summit. We have welcomed all sorts - loved-up couples, big families, local school teams, worldly backpackers and the latest celebs.

With our local Climb Leaders as your guide - share in an unexpected perspective of the Bridge, its part in Sydney’s story, and its foothold in today’s cityscape.

There are four different climbs to the top - The Bridge Climb,The Discovery Climb, The Express Climb and introducing The Mandarin Climb. Each climb route is available at all times of the day (The Mandarin Climb is available during the day only). From dawn until dusk, by day and by night, urban Sydney is full of surprises. Take the first step in making the experience your own – choose your climb:

  • Dawn

    Titanium Gift Certificate    

    One for earlybirds. This climb departs before daybreak (limited departures). Spot the sun breakthrough on the horizon as the city kicks into gear.

  • Twilight

    Platinum Gift Certificate

    One for romantics. This climb departs as the day closes (speak to our staff for departures). Get the best of both worlds as you soak up the day’s sunset while the moon takes its nightshift.


  • Day

    Day Certificate

    One for everyone. This climb departs from early morning to late afternoon (after “dawn” and before “twilight”), exposing the hum and buzz of the city in full swing.


  • Night

    One for night owls. This climb departs after the sun has set (after “twilight”), introducing the city alight and sparkling under a blanket of darkness.